Coinbase Open Source Fund April 2018: Tools

The Coinbase Open Source fund this month will continue its support towards some of most used open source tools by the Coinbase Engineering team.

We asked our developers to look for their most used tools that followed the guidelines set out by the fund. From this list we found these three projects:

  1. Git: version control system now ubiquitous among developers today
  2. cURL: application and library for web requests
  3. Homebrew: package manager for macOS


The days before Git arrived were a hard time for developers trying to work collaboratively. After Linus Torvalds announced git in April 2005 it quickly started to take over and today is the de facto way to develop code. Git is used at Coinbase for our source control and it is a vital tool for our company. The fact it scales to projects that are millions of lines long and many years old has made our entire industry faster and more productive.


Daniel Stenberg started building cURL in 1997, 21 years ago, and is still the lead maintainer, a marathon effort and huge feat for any developer. Over the years it gained significant adoption, and now can be run on over 30 operating systems. cURL is often the first tool installed on new development machines and the first tool reached for in a pinch. It is so well used that cURL is now a verb “Can you cURL it?”, “Try cURLing it”…


Package management is hard. So hard that a lot of operating systems don’t even attempt to provide any. Max Howell started the Homebrew project aiming to tackle that challenge for one of the most popular development operating systems, macOS. Now Homebrew is so depended upon that the first lines of many “Getting Started” documents are “First you need to `brew install …`”. This project’s effort to make it easy to distribute packages is immense and very appreciated.


It is hard to imagine being a productive developer these days without these three pieces of software. To encourage their future development and thank them for their current impact on our industry we will be giving:

  • $10,000 to Git
  • $5,500 to cURL
  • $5,000 to Homebrew

We’ll also be continuing our previous donations to Ruby Together, Webpack, Babel, Mobx, Styled components totaling $4,500. We’ll be supporting Git and Homebrew through Software Freedom Conservancy and cURL through Open Collective.

We would like to thank all contributors to these projects and are looking forward to helping more open source projects in the future.

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